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How To Choose The Best Health Insurance [USA]

Before we know How to Choose Best Health Insurance Let us know what it actually it is and what it really does.

Health Insurance plays a very vital role in life. Most of the time people think that why to waste money to purchase a product that is not useful in their daily life?

But they don’t know that this is, without doubt, one of the must-have factors or I ought to say that that is the need in at this time’s time.

But they don’t know that this is, without doubt, one of the must-have factor or I ought to say that that is the need in at this time’s time.

Here comes using Health Insurance, when you have bought this product in keeping with your want then you’ll not face any monetary drawback referring to your well being. Nowadays you’ll be able to apply for medical health insurance from banks as effectively.

If you get admitted then the best benefit that most of the hospitals are now operating with cashless facilities provided by the Insurance companies. Which are now available easily in your banks also.

Benefits of having a health insurance policy

Best health insurance
Best health insurance
  • Cashless Treatment: If you have health insurance, you get a cashless treatment facility at network hospitals.
  • Tax Benefit: Premium you pay for your health insurance comes with a benefit of saving tax under section 80D.
  • No claim bonus: This is an additional benefit that will increase your sum assured if you have taken the policy and not claimed for a year.
  • Pre and Post hospitalization: Pre hospitalization charges for 30 days and 60 days post-hospitalization charges can also be claimed.
  • Ambulance charges: The insured person will also get the ambulance charges for commuting from home to hospital but only once.
  • Free medical checkup: Yet another benefit of health insurance policy is a person also gets free health checkup once in a year.
  • Daycare: Now there are some injuries for which you don’t need to get admitted to hospitals ( fracture, cataracts, etc) for that also you get covered.

Things to keep in mind while taking a policy

Here are few additional tips while how to choose best health insurance policy.

  • Choose sum assured very seriously and according to the age.
  • Check if there is any room rent capping is there.
  • no claim bonus percentage increment.
  • Pre-existing disease coverage waiting time.

Claim Process

There are two types of claim settlement done by the companies.

  • Cashless Claim

Lets say the insured person is admitted to some hospital, now a days health insurance executives are available in their network hospitals. What you need to do is simply visit the insurance desk and inform them that you are getting admitted to the hospital for so and so reason. The best part is that you may get your processing done in couple of hours and get approval from health insurance companies.

  • Reimbursement Process

Now this issue comes when you have visited any doctor who has his own clinic. No problem, in that case also you just need to take all the bills and reports safe with you and just present all the required documents in the health insurance office. Wait for few days your money will get reversed in your account.


No one plans to get sick or hurt, but most people need medical care at some point. Health insurance covers these costs and offers many other important benefits. It is simply transferring your risk to the companies by paying a very reasonable amount.

Health is a real wealth So stay safe, stay healthy!!!