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NOTE: हम केवल एक job Notification मंच हैं और हम कोई कंपनी नही है और न ही हम किसी से Whatsapp, या अन्य द्वारा संपर्क करते है, यदि आपसे कोईस तरह से पैसा मांगता है तो वो हम नही है और उससे दुरी बनाये रखना आपके लिए अच्छा होगा.

इस तरीके से आप घर बेठे Work From Home केलिए आवेदन कर सकते है और घर बेठे रोजाना 2 से 3 हजार रूपया कमाई कर सकते है, यदि आपके मन में कोई सवाल है तो आप हमसे पुच बी सकते है, और ऐसे ही अन्य job की जानकारी केलिए हमारे साथ बने रहें. धन्यवाद.

Work From Home: Hi and welcome to the Packing job at the home page, I know you are interested to do packing at home and want to earn money from it, if you are coming from our YouTube channel then this post is only for you, I’ll tell you how can you start this job and what documents needed for this job, so stay tuned in this post and start earning money at home.

What is Work From Home Jobs?

Work From Home Jobs job is a basic job that is available in every city in India and this job is for everyone, that means everyone can do this job like Man women, children, Students, etc, but to do this job you need some ID proof like PAN card, Adhar card, Or any other govt ID.

Now if you are still confused about how this job works and what is the Packing job, then please read below to know the details about this job.

Work From Home Jobs means those work which can be done from home you don’t need to go any office, no need to pay any types of fees and also you don’t need any registration Qualification are also no needed, but the earning in this job is very high, like you can earn thousands of rupees from just doing Work From Home Jobs.

Work From Home Jobs
Work From Home Jobs

NOTE: We are not a company nor we are connected to any official companies, we are just a Job portal and we provide information about Work From Home Jobs, so if anyone ask you to pay for the packing job then this was not we, we are just providing information and we are not asking for any type of fees, so stay alert from scammers.

Job Available in India
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How to Join Packing Job?

To join this Work From Home Jobs you need to fill out an official form with the details like Your name, Your ID, Email ID, Your Age, Your city, etc, we recommend you fill the form correctly, and if you already fill the form then fill the second form this time.

Some times Website will block you due to providing wrong information so please wait and try again after some time.

Which type Work From Home job do We provide?

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We provide Packing job at home after fill the form you need to wait for a return call from a company we can’t tell you which company call you and what type of packing they provide it may be Pen packing or it may be Pancil packing job, so you need to wait.

Then the company sends you all the materials to your home address and you need to pack them and return to the company after completing your work at home you can ask for a payment, this will return you a high amount, if you are doing your job correctly then you can earn 5000rs per day by just doing packing job at home.

Note: For join to Work From Home Jobs your age should be 18 or above if you are below 18 then you are not eligible for this job.